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Stewart Gillmor (CV)

Profesor Investigador CINVESTAV 3B

Stewart Gillmor (CV)


Profesor Investigador CINVESTAV 3B


Genetics and Epigenetics of Seed Development

SNI Level



sgillmor (at) langebio cinvestav mx


(52) 462 166 3013


2004-2009: Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

2003: Postdoc, CIMMyT


2002: PhD, Stanford University

1992: BA, Swarthmore College


DuPont Young Professor, 2013-2016

NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2004-2006

Marriage to Dra. Lucero Gutiérrez-Nava, 1996-present



15) A Armenta-Medina, D Lepe-Soltero, D Xiang, R Datla, C Abreu-Goodger, and CS Gillmor*. (2017). Arabidopsis thaliana miRNAs promote embryo pattern formation beginning in the zygote. Developmental Biology 431:145–151.

14) D Lepe-Soltero, A Armenta-Medina, D Xiang, R Datla, CS Gillmor, and C Abreu-Goodger. (2017). Annotating and quantifying pri-miRNA transcripts using RNA-Seq data of wild type and serrate-1 globular stage embryos of Arabidopsis thaliana. Data in Brief 15:642–647.

13) M Buendía-Monreal and CS Gillmor. (2017). Convergent repression of miR156 by Sugar and the CDK8 Module of Arabidopsis Mediator. Developmental Biology 423:19-23

12) CS Gillmor, AHK Roeder, P Sieber, C Somerville, and W Lukowitz. (2016). A genetic screen for mutations affecting cell division in the Arabidopsis thaliana embryo identifies seven loci required for cytokinesis. PLoS ONE 11:e0146492-21

11) CS Gillmor, CO Silva-Ortega, MR Willmann, M Buendía Monreal, and RS Poethig. (2014). The Arabidopsis Mediator CDK8 module genes CCT/MED12 and GCT/MED13 are global regulators of developmental phase transitions. Development 141:4580-4589

10) G Del Toro De León, M García Aguilar, and CS Gillmor. (2014). Non-equivalent contributions of maternal and paternal genomes to early plant embryogenesis. Nature 514:624-627

9) Y Sang, CO Silva-Ortega, S Wu, N Yamaguchi, M-F Wu, J Pfluger, CS Gillmor, KL Gallagher, and D Wagner. (2012) Mutations in two non-canonical Arabidopsis SWI2/SNF2 chromatin remodeling ATPases cause embryogenesis and stem cell maintenance defects. The Plant Journal 72:1000-1014

8) CS Gillmor, M-Y Park, MR Smith, R Pepitone, RA Kerstetter and RS Poethig. (2010) The MED12-MED13 Module of Mediator Regulates the Timing of Embryo Patterning in Arabidopsis Development 137:113-122

7) CS Gillmor, W Lukowitz, G Brininstool, JC Sedbrook, T Hamann, P Poindexter and CR Somerville. (2005) Glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored proteins are required for cell wall synthesis and morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 17: 1128–1140

6) GK Shoemaker, J Lorieau, LH Lau, CS Gillmor, and MM Palcic. (2005) Multiple Sampling in Single-Cell Enzyme Assays Using CE-Laser-Induced Fluorescence to Monitor Reaction Progress. Analytical Chemistry 77:3132-3137

5) M Gutiérrez-Nava, CS Gillmor, LF Jiménez, A Guevara-García, and P León. (2004) CHLOROPLAST BIOGENESIS (CLB) genes act cell and non-cell autonomously in early chloroplast development. Plant Physiology 135:471-482

4) CS Gillmor, P Poindexter, J Lorieau, MM Palcic and CR Somerville. (2002) α-Glucosidase I is required for cellulose biosynthesis and morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. The Journal of Cell Biology 156:1003-1013

3) E Rojo, CS Gillmor, V Kovaleva, CR Somerville and NV Raikhel. (2001) VACUOLELESS1 is an essential gene required for vacuole formation and morphogenesis in Arabidopsis. Developmental Cell 1:303-310

2) W Lukowitz, CS Gillmor, and W-R Scheible (2000) Positional cloning in Arabidopsis. Why it feels good to have a genome initiative working for you. Plant Physiology 123:795-805

1) DE Shevell, W-M Leu, CS Gillmor, G Xia, KA Feldmann, and N-H Chua. (1994) EMB30 is essential for normal cell division, cell expansion, and cell adhesion in Arabidopsis and encodes a protein that has similarity to Sec7. Cell 77:1051-1062


5) M Buendía-Monreal and CS Gillmor (2016). Mediator: A key regulator of plant development. Developmental Biology 419:7-18

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