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Alfredo Cruz-Ramirez

Molecular and Developmental Complexity

Alfredo Cruz-Ramirez

Molecular and Developmental Complexity

Our research focuses on the molecular networks underlying cell reprogramming events and their influence in developmental complexity.

Eukaryotes have integrated different regulatory processes to tightly control in time and space key molecular factors during diverse cell reprogramming events, for example in cell transitions from Stem Cells (SCs) to differentiated daughters.

By using animal and plant experimental models we aim to unravel the molecular mechanisms that govern cell transitions and reprogramming events in order to understand different developmental processes that define present day diversity and developmental complexity in multicellular organisms.

Research lines:

1. A multidisciplinary approach for the study of Mexican salamanders from the Ambystoma genus with focus on the molecular networks that define processes such as Metamorphosis, Regeneration and stemness.

2. To study the evolutionary conservation in plants of minimal molecular tool kits for cell reprogramming processes such as the asymmetric cell division (ACD) of Stem Cells.

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