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What is Langebio?

What is Langebio?

Langebio, the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity, is a new Unit of Cinvestav. Its goal is to bring together interdisciplinary groups to carry out cutting-edge research and to generate genetic knowledge about Mexican biodiversity that could lead to its sustainable use.

Mexico is one of five countries in the world with the largest biological diversity. Potential uses of such diversity in medicine, agriculture, and industry represent an invaluable resource for the country.

Sequencing and functional analyses of the genome (t
he group of genes or hereditary information of an organism) are one of the most powerful approaches to characterize such diversity and explore potential applications. However, until very recently, Mexico did not have the human and material resources needed to determine genome sequence of complex genomes. As a response to this important requirement, Cinvestav decides to create the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (Langebio). Such initiative originates in 2004 from the proposal of four researchers at the Department of Genetic Engineering of Cinvestav Unidad Irapuato: Alfredo Herrera-Estrella, Luis Herrera-Estrella, Octavio Martínez de la Vega,
and Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada. The main idea was to provide Cinvestav with a research Unit conformed by experts and equipment needed for large-scale genomic projects, as well as offering sequencing and genome analysis services to all public and private institutions in the country.

In April 2005, Langebio is created as a new Cinvestav Unit located in Cinvestav Campus Guanajuato by an agreement signed by the Federal Departments of Education (SEP) and Agriculture (SAGARPA), the National Research and Technology Council (CONACyT), the Government of the State of Guanajuato, and Cinvestav. Its objectives are to integrate multidisciplinary research groups to carry out high-quality studies, and to perform research leading to the characterization and sustainable use of Mexican biodiversity. Earliest research groups of Langebio begin their research activities in provisional space kindly provided by Cinvestav Unidad Irapuato. In February 2009, research groups are relocated to the new facilities designed by architect Enrique Norten. The facility was built and equipped with support from SEP, SAGARPA, CONACyT, and the Government of the State of Guanajuato.

Luis Herrera-Estrella, Director



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