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Langebio is situated in a new and very modern research facility with a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. It contains modern and well-equipped research labs,
a large technology service facility, a science outreach area, a teaching and admin building, and an auditorium.

Building A
Research labs. The building holds laboratory space for up to 16 experimental groups. Labs are inter-connected via internal patios and balconies to meet with neighboring labs. Each laboratory has an adjacent room for special purposes.

All laboratories are supported by technical rooms with larger equipment or facilities for general use like centrifuge room, cold room, radioactive lab, seed storage room, incubation rooms, plant growth rooms, plant growth cabinets (Percival), in vitro culture room, modern computer controlled greenhouse facility (four big modules and one biosafety module), microscope room, and more.

Technology services.
Our modern technology facility offers services for Langebio’s research groups, as well as other public and private institutions in the country.

Outreach area
The research building also has a large exposition area and, furthermore, it has a lab for kids for science outreach. Children from local basic schools are invited to get in contact with science.

Building B
Two teaching classrooms, a virtual library, eating facilities, and the faculty club. Furthermore, the building has fully equipped teaching labs and various meeting rooms.
The Administration Department is headed in this building.

Building C
Langebio Auditorium has capacity for 220 people.


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