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José J. Ordaz-Ortiz

Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Laboratory

José J. Ordaz-Ortiz

Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Laboratory

Contact details

Building Langebio A, Second Floor, Metabolomics Office
Tel:+52 (462) 1663000 ext. 3134


Mass Spectrometry (MS)
Liquid chromatography (LC)
Gas chromatography (GC)
Plant cell wall polysaccharides

Research interests

José Juan Ordaz-Ortiz is Head of Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics at LANGEBIO. He was appointed as Professor Researcher in January 2015. Prior to this he was a Research Fellow at Cranfield University (UK) in the Plant Science Laboratory where he led on plant metabolomics. He also advised on, developed methodologies and delivered commercial contract research for a number of large corporations. At Leeds University (UK) in the Centre for Plant Sciences he discovered the implications of cell wall polymers in cell to cell adhesion and separation processes. In addition, he worked at The French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA-Nantes) at the end of 2005. His principal research interests are as follow:

- Development and application of a range of chromatography and mass spectrometry methodologies, for the structural analysis of biologically-active molecules, in order to understand their mechanism of action at the molecular level.

- Discovery and quantitative metabolomics

- Metabolite profiling of non-structural carbohydrates, volatile and non-volatile organic compounds, plant hormones and phenylpropanoids

- Characterization of bioactive compounds from plant extracts

- Plant cell wall polysaccharides:

- Structural analysis using MS, NMR and enzyme hydrolysis

- Immunodetection using specific molecular probes

José is head of the Mass Spectrometry Services which are dedicated to providing access to a range of mass spectrometry techniques that enable and facilitate research at LANGEBIO. In addition we offer services to corporate customers and other academic institutes. The laboratory is able to undertake and provide specialist advise on sample analysis.

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