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Rubén Rellán Álvarez

Plant Mineral Nutrition

Rubén Rellán Álvarez

Plant Mineral Nutrition

Research lines

Plant adaptation to nutrient deficiencies

The lab studies how plants adapt their metabolism, physiology and morphology to acclimate to low nutrient bioavailability, especially phosphorus and iron. We use natural variation as a source of genetic diversity and metabolic phenotyping -using LC-MS- of groups of metabolites involved in the nutrient deficiency response to identify out loci/genes involved in the adaptation to nutrient poor soils.

Current projects related with this research line:

Natural Variation of Plant Lipid Reorganisation Upon Phosphorus Deficiency (Conacyt CB-2014-01)

We are currently looking to hire 3 master/PhD students to start working in this project

Ruairidh Sawers, Luis Herrera Estrella and José J. Ordaz-Ortiz (Langebio) Oliver Fiehn and Dan Kliebenstein (UC Davis)
Carlos Alonso-Blanco (CNB)

Development of root imaging platforms

We also develop root imaging techniques that are able to simultaneously capture root system architecture and gene expression. (Preprint in Biorxiv)

José Dinneny (Carnegie Institution)
Guillaume Lobet (University of Liege)

Please visit our lab webpage for more information on publications, presentations etc.


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