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Gillmor Lab Publications

Genetics and Epigenetics of Seed Development

Gillmor Lab Publications

Genetics and Epigenetics of Seed Development


(6) A Armenta-Medina, D Lepe-Soltero, D Xiang, R Datla, C Abreu-Goodger, and CS Gillmor*. (2017). Arabidopsis thaliana miRNAs promote embryo pattern formation beginning in the zygote. Developmental Biology 431:145–151.

(5) D Lepe-Soltero, A Armenta-Medina, D Xiang, R Datla, CS Gillmor, and C Abreu-Goodger. (2017). Annotating and quantifying pri-miRNA transcripts using RNA-Seq data of wild type and serrate-1 globular stage embryos of Arabidopsis thaliana. Data in Brief 15:642–647.

4) M Buendía-Monreal and CS Gillmor. (2017). Convergent repression of miR156 by Sugar and the CDK8 Module of Arabidopsis Mediator. Developmental Biology 423:19-23

3) CS Gillmor, CO Silva-Ortega, MR Willmann, M Buendía Monreal, and RS Poethig. (2014). The Arabidopsis Mediator CDK8 module genes CCT/MED12 and GCT/MED13 are global regulators of developmental phase transitions. Development 141:4580-4589

2) G Del Toro De León, M García Aguilar, and CS Gillmor. (2014). Non-equivalent contributions of maternal and paternal genomes to early plant embryogenesis. Nature 514:624-627

1) Y Sang, CO Silva-Ortega, S Wu, N Yamaguchi, M-F Wu, J Pfluger, CS Gillmor, KL Gallagher, and D Wagner. (2012) Mutations in two non-canonical Arabidopsis SWI2/SNF2 chromatin remodeling ATPases cause embryogenesis and stem cell maintenance defects. Plant Journal 72:1000-1014


3) M Buendía-Monreal and CS Gillmor (2016). Mediator: A key regulator of plant development. Developmental Biology 419:7-18

2) G Del Toro-De León, D Lepe-Soltero, and CS Gillmor. (2016). Zygotic genome activation in isogenic and hybrid plant embryos. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 29:148-153

1) M García-Aguilar and CS Gillmor. (2015). Zygotic genome activation and imprinting: parent-of-origin gene expression in plant embryogenesis. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 27:29-35

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