Seminarios Primavera 2018

Dr. Marco Antonio García Revilla

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Binding belongs to the most important concepts in life sciences, material sciences and Chemistry.

Such a concept is used to the rationalization of many phenomena as: chemical reactivity, structural stability, biological and pharmaceutical activity, optical properties and physicochemical properties of condensed mater.

Nevertheless, binding is one of the most unknown concepts from the formal physical perspective and it is subject to ambiguities. The reason of this is that traditional chemical concepts, as is the case of binding, were defined and used decades before of the development of Quantum Mechanics.

For this reason, the construction of approaches linking results of quantum mechanical treatments of molecular systems with traditional concepts is a popular research topic for the computational and theoretical chemistry community.

The implications of such theoretical developments to the study of molecular systems are important to gain physicochemical insight and to rationalize the studied phenomena from the physicochemical perspective.

Some examples of this implications are discussed in this presentation, as:

1) the use of polymers to deliver hazardous anticancer agents.

2) the understanding of the anticancer activity of new molecules.

3) the rationalization of exotic behavior of condensed mater.

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