We carry out projects and research in plants and other organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses that can affect plant development in a positive or negative way. We use different experimental approaches ranging from genetic modification of plants to the study of their genetic and metabolic diversity through the knowledge of their physiological processes, that are affected by different types of biotic and abiotic stresses.

In our work we use species of agricultural interest like Maize, tomato or chilli pepper and model species (like Arabidopsis) that facilitate the dissection of basic cellular, physiological and developmental processes; with the intention of transferring this knowledge in various ways to species of agricultural interest.

Our research is reflected in our constant collaboration with farmers and agricultural companies, in particular from The Bajío region, and even in the generation of companies with an orientation of transferring technologies to the development of agricultural products.

Dr. Alfredo Herrera Estrella

Gene expression and development in fungi

Dr. Luis Herrera Estrella

Plant physiology and metabolic engineering

Dr. José Juan Ordaz Ortiz

Metabolomics and mass spectrometry

Dr. Jean Philippe Vielle Calzada

Reproductive development and apomixis