Computational Biology

The development of massive methods of biological and biochemical exploration has generated enormous quantities of data that can only be analyzed with the help of computers. Computational biology involves the application of mathematical and statistic methods through computer tools for the analysis of biological data. Without the quantitative power of computational analysis, many of the available biological data couldn’t be exploited or interpreted.

Research groups in Computational Biology of LANGEBIO are focused in the development and application of tools for the analysis of genomic data (massive sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics) in plants, animals and microorganisms, with a particular focus in the analysis of gene expression and the basis of their regulation. We count with high performance computing equipment that allows large scale analysis and, with the “Computational Biology Laboratory”, we have a space dedicated entirely to the realization of projects in this area.

Dr. Cei Abreu Goodger

RNA computational genomics

Dra. Selene L. Fernández Valverde

Functional and evolutionary genomics of regulatory RNA

Dr. Octavio Martínez de la Vega

Computational biology



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