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Dr. Alexander de Luna Fors

Principal Investigator

Our laboratory studies gene function and evolution at the systems level. We build and analyze large libraries of yeast mutants in a systematic effort to understand how genes, the environment and their interactions influence complex cellular phenotypes such as growth, survivorship and aging. We use robotic integration to explore how gene expression affects fitness and how duplicate and multifunctional genes impact functional innovation and biological robustness.

Research lines:

Genetics of aging in yeast

  • The genetic architecture of yeast chronological lifespan: searching for genetic aging factors and their genetic interactions.
  • Gene-environment interactions that underlie longevity by dietary restriction.
  • Characterization of pharmacological interventions that extend cellular lifespan and the underlying such phenotypic effects.
  • The natural variation of the mutational effects in yeast aging.

Evolution of gene function

  • Molecular and functional evolution of duplicate genes.
  • Evolution, genetics, and molecular biology of multifunctional proteins.
  • Modifiers of the expression of genes subject to telomere position effect.

Recent projects:

  • “The effect of genes, the environment and its interactions on the aging of yeast “. CONACYT – Basic Science - CB-2015/254365 (2016 - 2019).
  • “Genomic analysis of the cellular mechanisms of the anti-diabetic drug Metformin”. CONACYT National Problems - PN2016/2370 (2018 - 2019).

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work team

Dr. Alexander de Luna Fors

Principal Investigator

Eng. Mayra Imelda Flores Barraza

Research Assistant

M. Sc. César Mauricio Campa Álvarez

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Functional heterologous analysis of allelic variants in context of human evolutionary adaptation (in codirection with Dr. Rafael Montiel)”

M. Sc. Erika Viridiana Cruz Bonilla

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Cellular processes associated to increased chronological lifespan in yeast”

M. Sc. Jesús Abraham Avelar Rivas

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Natural variation of the mutational effects in the longevity of yeast”

M. Sc. Sergio Esteban Campos Rodríguez

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

"Interested in studying the molecular mechanisms that lead to longevity during dietary restriction and the interactions that might exist among these longevity pathways"

Leyma Yamel Chávez Leyva

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Molecular mechanisms of longevity from drugs and their interactions in yeast”

Adrián Cano Ricárdez

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Natural history of yeast associated to agave fermentations in México”

Michelle Crisely Munguía Figueroa

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Study of genes and processes implicated in the extension of life measured by drugs on Saccharomyces cerevisiae (in codirection with Dr. Cei Abreu)”

Teodora de Jesús Judith Ulloa Calzonzin

Master’s student in Integrative Biology

“Conservation of relationship between aging and complexes involved in chromatin remodeling”

Porfirio Alberto Gallegos Casillas

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Yeast biodiversity associated with fermentation processes during mezcal (Mexican alcoholic beverage) production”