Human evolutionary and population genomics


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Dr. Andrés Moreno Estrada

Principal Investigator

We use genomic data and computational tools to understand demographic and evolutionary processes that have given place to the genetic human diversity, both in indigenous groups around the world and cosmopolitan populations derived from miscegenation.

We analyze the patterns of genetic mixing on genomes of multiethnic origins to infer the time and manner of recent human migrations and other demographic events that affect the distribution of genetic variants, with emphasis on those with medical and functional relevance.

Research lines:

Recent projects:

  • “Human functional genomics of native Americans in Latin America”. ICGEB (2016-2018).
  • “Mexican biobank: developing capacities for data science in genomic medicine of Mestizo populations”. FONCICYT (2016-2019).
  • “Genomic and evolutionary analysis of functional variants in indigenous populations of Mexico”. CONACYT-Basic Science (2016-2018).

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work team

Dr. Andrés Moreno Estrada

Principal Investigator

M. Sc. Adriana Garmendia

Administrative assistant

“I’m in charge of the administration and management of the laboratory projects; as well as the public communications area”

Dr. Mitzi Flores Ponce

Project manager

“Mexican Biobank Project ENSA 2000”

Dr. Consuelo Dayzú Quinto Córtes


“Exploration of the genetic variation of human populations near and remote of Oceania”

Dr. Mashaal Sohail


"Population genetics of the Mexican Biobank ENSA 2000"

Dr. Sergio Nigenda Morales


“Ecological and evolutionary genomics on species of non-model mammals (in codirection with Dr. Cei Abreu)”

Dr. María Nieves Colón


“Understanding landscape genomics; big altitudes, adaptation and population structure”

Javier Blanco Portillo

Master’s student in Integrative Biology

“Genomic reconstruction of the dynamics of trans-pacific human populations”

Juan Esteban Rodríguez Rodríguez

Master’s student in Integrative Biology

“Reconstructing the miscegenation and migration dynamics of the post-Columbus Mexico”

Andrés Jiménez Kaufmann

Master’s Student in Integrative Biology

“Improvement of the imputation yield in populations of Latin America”

María José Palma

Undergraduate student

“Genomic analysis of Mexican Biobank ENSA 2000”

Daniela Orozco Pérez

Undergraduated student

"Integration of a DNA catalog of diverse populations of Latin America and the Pacific"