Developmental genetics and genomics

Dr. Carlos Humberto Ortiz Ramírez

Principal Investigator

Our research is focused in understanding how specification of cell identity and tissue patterning is coordinated in plants to generate organ form and function. In particular, we work on dissecting the molecular mechanisms controlling development of vascular and ground tissue systems in both roots and shoots using a combination of single-cell genomics, cell biology and genetics. Currently, our main interest is to understand how the distinctive pattern of vascular bundles and mesophyll cells emerged in leaves that carry C4 photosynthesis giving rise to Kranz anatomy. We use maize, green millet and wheat as biological systems with the long-term goal of engineering C4 traits into C3 cereal crops to improve carbon fixation and increase heat tolerance.

Reseach lines:

  • Genetic regulation of leaf tissue patterning in C4 grasses.
  • Identification of photosynthetic phenotypic variation in maize landraces.
  • Development of high-throughput gene editing and mutant screening techniques in relevant cereal crops.

Recent publications:

  • 1. Ortiz-Ramírez C., Michard E., Simon A., Hernández-Coronado M., Becker J.D., Feijó J.A. 2017. GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR-LIKE channels are essential for chemotaxis and reproduction in mosses. Nature. 549: 91-95.
  • 2. Ortiz-Ramírez C., Demesa-Arevalo E., Xu Xiosa., Jackson D.P., Birnbaum K.D. 2018. An efficient cell sorting protocol for Maize protoplast. Current Protocols in Plant Biology. doi: 10.1002/cppb.20072.
  • 3. Ortiz-Ramírez C., Hernandez-Coronado M., Thamm A., Catarrino B., Wang M., Dolan L., Feijó J.A., Becker J.D. 2015. A Transcriptome Atlas of Physcomitrella patens Provides Insights into the Evolution and Development of Land Plants. Molecular Plant. 9 (2): 205-20. DOI: 10.1016/j.molp.2015.12.002.
  • 4. Ortiz-Ramírez C., Mora S.I., Trejo J., Pantoja O. 2011. PvAMT1;1, a Highly Selective Ammonium Transporter That Functions as H+/NH4+ Symporter. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 286 (36): 31113- 31122