Structural biochemistry


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Dr. Luis Gabriel Brieba de Castro

Principal Investigator

In our group we have a passion for understanding fundamental aspects of the structure-function relationship in proteins and nucleic acids. We’re interested in elucidating how organellar replisomes work, using the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana and yeast as models. As engineers, we study protein properties to modify them and use them as biotechnological tools. Finally, we're convinced that protein and nucleic acid evolution is studied in three dimensions and not as a linear sequence, for this we use the triosephosphate isomerase and proteins that have suffered duplication events as models.

Research lines:

  • "Protein structure-function and evolution.
  • "Nucleic acid metabolism (transcription, replication and repair) in plant and yeast organelles.
  • "Protein engineering and crystallography.

Recent projects:

  • "Proteins with new assembly mechanisms: Protein engineering, selection methods and drug design". CONACYT-Frontiers in Science no. 13 (2017-2018).
  • "Structural Studies of Iron-sulphur cluster-less MutYs". UC-MEXUS-CONACYT (2017-2018).
  • "Biochemical studies of the mitochondrial replisome". Howard-Hughes Medical Institute (2007-2013).

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Dr. Luis Gabriel Brieba de Castro

Principal Investigator

Fullbright-García Robles Scholar for doctoral studies.
Pew Fundation Scholar for postdoctoral studies.
National System of Researchers (SNI), Level 3.
Howard Hughes International Scholar 2007-2012.

Corina Díaz Quezada

Research Assistant

"Assisting laboratory members in their research labor. I also do research focused on understanding mitochondrial DNA replication in yeast and plants"

Dr. Pedro Jiménez Sandoval


"Studying of the structure and function of recombinant enzymes through protein biochemistry and X-ray crystallography related to metabolic processes, molecular recognition, signal transduction and the generation of signaling compounds"

Dr. Rogelio González González


“Function structure studies of mitochondrial DNA primase-helicase from plants”

M. Sc. Noe Baruch Torres

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

"My research is focused in understanding the DNA replication mechanism and maintenance through biochemical and crystallography methods"

M. Sc. Alma Yazmín Fuentes Pascacio

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

"My research is focused in the biochemical and functional analysis of enzymes involved in DNA replication and repair in plants"

M. Sc. Eduardo Castro Torres

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

"Biochemical and structural characterization of triosephosphate isomerase enzymes as a tool in the study of evolutionary phenomena in photosynthetic organisms for the development of molecular recognition and quantification through the protein-ligand interaction"

M. Sc. Antolín Peralta Castro

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

"Studying the helicase-primase function in plant organelles from a integral point of view. For this I'm interested in understanding if the replication mechanism in plant organelles is carried out by a coordinated system or by a recombination mechanism. Organelle replication in plants is probably due to a mixture of mechanisms and I'm interested in understanding under which environments the plant chooses which of these replication mechanisms to use"

M. Sc. Víctor Juárez Quintero

PhD student in Integrative Biology

“My research is focused on the evolutionary study of the structure and functions of DNA polymerases of family A”

Paola Libertad García Medel

Master's student in Plant Biotechnology

"Evaluating DNA replication mechanisms and understanding how the replisome works in model organisms. Specifically those by which mitochondrial DNA lesions are negotiated by organellar polymerases"

Francisco Javier Córdoba Andrade

Master's student in Plant Biotechnology

"Studying the mechanisms that confer strand processivity and displacement to the DNA polymerases"

Nallely Hoyos González

Master's student in Plant Biotechnology

"Studying the structure-function relationship in enzymes involved in the mithochondrial DNA replication in yeast"

Atzimba Yunuén Castro Lara

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“We study aspects of the structure-function relationship of DNA polymerases”

Julián Flores Vázquez

Undergraduate student

"I work with proteins known as translational activators which are molecules in charge of regulating the presence of coding proteins in the mitochondrial DNA of S. cerevisiae, specifically in finding the messenger RNA region in which this activators act to initiate mitochondrial DNA translation"