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Dr. Luis Herrera Estrella

Principal Investigator

In our group, we seek to understand the genetic and molecular mechanisms that regulate the responses of plants to environmental factors. We are particularly interested in genetic factors that modulate growth and root developments in plants in response to environmental factors, such as nutrient and water availability.

Research lines:

  • Identification and characterization of genes that are involved in the regulation of root development programs in response to water and nutrients availability and soil compaction.
  • Development of technologies to the use of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture.
  • Genome sequencing of plants and microorganisms native of Mexico to understand genome evolution and its possible uses.

Recent projects:

  • Genetic and molecular dissection of the sensory and signaling pathways that regulate changes in root system architecture during phosphate starvation in Arabidopsis thaliana. HHMI (The Howard Hughes Medical Institute).
  • Genomic and metabolomic tool use for the characterization of genetic regulation networks responsible of controlling desiccation tolerance in seeds. Frontiers of Science program - CONACYT.
  • Construction of the epigenome of nutritional stress response in plants: global changes in the pattern of genome methylation from Arabidopsis in response to phosphorus deficiency. Basic Science CONACYT.

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Recent publications:

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Dr. Luis Herrera Estrella

Principal Investigator

M. Sc. Araceli Oropeza Aburto

Research Assistant

“Molecular biology experiments”

Dr. Lenin Enrique Yong Villalobos


“Construction of the epigenome of the nutritional stress response in plants”

Dr. Dolores Gutiérrez Alanís


“Search for the trigger mechanism of cell differentiation in response to phosphorus deficiency”

Dr. Javier Raya González


“Identification and characterization of genes involved in the development and functioning of the Arabidopsis thaliana root system”

M. Sc. Sergio Alan Cervantes Pérez

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Functional genomics of U. gibba”

M. Sc. Elohim Bello Bello

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Identification and functional characterization of genes associated to the penetration capacity and to mechanical stress in roots”

M. Sc. Gerardo Alejo Jacuinde

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Regulatory and comparative analysis of desiccation tolerance in Selaginella species”

M. Sc. Jonathan Odilón Ojeda Rivera

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Molecular regulation of the morphological response of the root to phosphorus deficiency in Arabidopsis”

M. Sc. Félix Rico Reséndiz

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Evolutionary analysis of the response to phosphorus deficiency in Marchantia polymorpha”

M. Sc. Francisco Gabriel Pérez Zavala

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Unveiling genetic mechanisms through which titanium acts as a beneficial element for plants”

M. Sc. Alfonso Carlos Barragán Rosillo

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Epigenetic response from Arabidopsis thaliana to phosphorus deficiency”

M. Sc. Thelma Yerenny Rico Cambrón

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Physiological and molecular analysis of the over-expression of seed desiccation tolerance regulators in vegetative tissue of Arabidopsis”

Moisés Frausto Romo

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Evaluation of the suitability of over expressing plants of the organic acid expression pathway to develop in media with insoluble phosphorus complexes”