Ecological and evolutionary genomics


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Dr. Angélica Cibrián Jaramillo

Principal Investigator

Our group investigates the genomic basis of the domestication of Mesoamerican plants and the function of microbiomes on the evolution of plants in general. Our biological models are the cycads (Dioon, Zamiaceae), chili pepper (Capsicum, Solanaceae) and vanilla (Vanilla, Orchidaceae). Through the description of genetic patterns and the characterization of genome functions, we seek to discover the evolutionary mechanisms that allow the adaptation of species to natural environments and to the human agroecosystem.

Research lines:

  • Population genomics of crop wild relatives: reconstructing the domestication history of chilli pepper (Capsicum).
  • Cycad population genomics.
  • Comparative genomics of cycads and their coralloid root bacteria.
  • Phylogenomics to identify genes underlying plant evolution.
  • Genomics of fungi and bacteria microbiome highways in cycad roots.
  • Ecological Genomics of plants and their endosymbionts.

Recent projects:

  • “Cycads and the domestication of corn in the Mesoamerican landscape: elucidating a millenary relationship through genomics, archeology and cultural geography”. CONACYT – Frontiers in Science no. 901 (2016-2018).
  • “Genetic variation of plants grown in Mexico: strategies to face climate change” CONACYT - Resolving National Problems 247730 (2016-2018).
  • “Evolutionary genomics of Cycads”. Montgomery Botanical Garden Research Funds (2017-present).

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Dr. Angélica Cibrián Jaramillo

Principal Investigator

“Evolutionary biologist specialized in genomics, interested in plants and its sustainable use and biodiversity conservation”

M.Sc. Arely Cruz Pérez

Research assistant

Ana Celia Basurto Garduño

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Quantitative genetics of traits associated with flower and fruit in Capsicum annuum”

Maria Alejandra Torres Meraz

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Effects of domestication on transcriptional regulation in early stages of fruit development in chilli pepper”

M.Sc. Erik Omar Díaz Valenzuela

PhD student in Plant Biotechnology

“Erik is a biologist passionate for understanding the genetic mechanisms associated with the evolution of the genome in context of plant domestication. Particularly interested in understanding the transcription variation derived from mutations in non-coding regions”

Ireri Alejandra Carbajal Valenzuela

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Involved in the project: genomic characterization of the vanilla (Vanilla spp.) microbiome”

Diego Garfias Gallegos

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Population genetics focused on the microbiome of the coraloid root of cycads of Dioon edule”

Fernando López Restrepo

Master’s student in Integrative Biology

“Functional role of endophytic fungi within coralloid roots of cycads”

Héctor López Moreno

Master’s student in Plant Biotechnology

“Interested in identifying genomic regions of agronomic relevance through QTL mapping”