Biodiversification genomics


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Dra. Therese Ann Markow

Principal Investigator

In our group we seek to understand the genomic evolution of some species. We use Drosophila Drosophila species as a model of research. In addition, we take advantage of the adaptation of these species as a model of metabolic studies to understand public health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

Research lines:

  • Speciation and adaptation to new environments.
  • Evolution of reproductive systems of Drosophila.
  • Evolutionary genomics of Drosophila.
  • Using Drosophila as a model of human disease.
  • Genetics and genomics of monarch butterfly in Mexico.

Recent projects:

  • “Taking advantage of the biodiversity of endemic Drosophilas eof Mexico to discover new genes involved in metabolic diseases.” CONACYT Fc-2016 No. 2604 (2017-2020)..
  • "Drosophila species stock center". National Science Foundation (2015).

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Dr. Therese Ann Markow

Principal Investigator

Alejandra Pérez Leños

Research Assistant

"Evolutionary Ecology"

Eunice Pérez Zaragoza

Research Assistant

"Genetics of Drosophila metabolism and its transgenerational effects"

Dr. Nestor Octavio Nazario Yepiz


"Metabolic genomics of Drosophila"

Alejandra Castañeda González

Masters’ student in Plant Biotechnology

"Diversity of arthropods associated with perishable fruits of Opuntia spp. and Citrus sinesensis"

Pablo Manuel González de la Rosa

Masters’ student in Integrative Biologya

"Study of miRNAs that are expressed in the monarch butterfly with different food sources (in codirection with Dr. Cei Abreu)"