Ecology, evolution and biodiversity

The evolution of species is the engine of biodiversity, whose experiment has been happening in a natural manner for millions of years, and has resulted in the living world that surrounds us and of which we are part of. Mexico is one of the five “megadiverse” countries that combined harbor 70% of the planet’s biological diversity. Thus, research of the diversity of species that inhabit our country represent a great opportunity to understand the genetic and molecular basis of the evolutionary mechanisms that underlie Mexican biological, ecological and ethnical richness.

Research from the Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity groups in LANGEBIO is directed to understanding said mechanisms in diverse biological systems, including plants, animals and human populations, through the application of genomic, computational and ancient DNA molecular techniques.

Dr. Angélica Cibrían Jaramillo

Ecological and evolutionary genomics

Dr. Tania Hernández Hernández

Plant evolution and strategies to inhabit arid zones

Dr. Therese Ann Markow

Biodiversification genomics

Dr. Rafael Montiel

Nuclear-mitochondrial interaction and paleogenomics

Dr. Andrés Moreno Estrada

Human evolutionary and population genomics

Dr. Sean M. Rovito

Vertebrate genomics and biodiversity