About us


We are one of the two units of the campus Irapuato of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados, which currently has nine centers distributed in different regions of Mexico.


We have 5 research areas

1. Agrobiotechnology Dr. Alfredo Herrera Estrella Gene expression and development in fungi
Dr. Luis Herrera Estrella Plant physiology and metabolic engineering
Dr. José Juan Ordaz Ortiz Metabolomics and mass spectrometry
Dr. Rubén Rellán Álvarez Vegetal nutrition
Dr. Ruairidh J.H. Sawers Maize genetics and genomics
Dr. Jean Philippe Vielle Calzada Reproductive development and apomixis
2. Cellular and developmental biology Dr. Luis Alfredo Cruz Ramírez Molecular and developmental complexity
Dr. Stefan de Folter Functional genomics of plant development
Dr. Stewart Gillmor Genetics and epigenetics of seeds
3. Computational biology Dr. Cei Abreu Goodger RNA computational genomics
Dr. Selene L. Fernández Valverde Functional genomics and evolution of regulatory RNAS
Dr. Octavio Martínez de la Vega Computational biology
4. Structural and systems biology Dr. Francisco (Paco) Barona Gómez Metabolic diversity evolution
Dr. Luis Gabriel Brieba de Castro Structural biochemistry
Dr. Alexander de Luna Fors Genetic systems
Dr. Fabien Plisson Therapeutic peptides
5. Ecology, evolution and biodiversity Dr. Angélica Cibrían Jaramillo Ecological and evolutionary genomics
Dr. Tania Hernández Hernández Plant evolution and strategies to inhabit arid zones
Dr. Therese Ann Markow Biodiversification genomics
Dr. Rafael Montiel Nuclear-mitochondrial interaction and paleogenomics
Dr. Andrés Moreno Estrada Human evolutionary and population genomics
Dr. Sean M. Rovito Vertebrate genomics and biodiversity



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Libr. Norte carr. León Km 9.6, Irapuato, Gto.

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